Unlike most things that we go online for, from grocery shopping to apparel and everything else in between; healthcare has always been a more in-person experience due to comfort, confidentiality and easy access. But that quickly changed in 2020, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Almost every industry imaginable has had to reset towards to a new-normal, but the once emerging trend in India is now quickly on its way up — Telemedicine is now the most sort after and more importantly, safe alternative to ensure continued access to your doctor. The industry has seen an 80% increase in first-time telemedicine patients that are warming up to this new medium.

While telemedicine has become your new go-to because of the pandemic, what really sets Syncremedies apart from the rest is easy access to doctors from Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy available for audio and video consultations. We have doctors with varied experience who are vested in ensuring you get better soon.

Why Tele-consultation?

Easy access to doctors online from the convenience of your home is of prime importance now more than ever.

Why Tele-consultation with Syncremedies?

While you may be familiar with several of India’s top telemedicine platforms, most of them serve ONLY as jumping off point to conveniently book appointments. What happens after the appointment — did you get a satisfactory diagnosis, were there prompt followups after your initial appointment and further did you get on the path to recovery?

There is no one to address your concerns and questions. That is where Syncremedies’ unique model comes into play. Our curated network of doctors are driven to build a relationship with the patient from the get go, drive clinical outcomes by ensuring proper diagnosis, regular follow-ups starting with a 24-hour followup to know how your appointment went, if you had any questions for the doctor etc; followed by a 20 day check in to see if the treatment plan is working as discussed.

Basically, Syncremedies becomes your neighborhood/family physician whom you can talk to on the phone (audio/video) at any point, have regular followups and as and when needed connect with the same doctor for your in-person visit, thus enhancing the efficacy of patient care and closing the loop. With this kind of dedicated, end-to-end care and our vested interest in your health, you never have to look anywhere else for your healthcare needs.

What to expect in your first audio/video consultation with Syncremedies:

  • Answer a questionnaire regarding your health history
  • General information about your diet, lifestyle and any recent ailments
  • Discussion about your current needs that brought you to Syncremedies
  • Evaluating your ailment and suggesting the next steps, which range from a prescription, further lab tests to assist in diagnosis, referral to specialists etc.
  • Once your first consultation is over, someone from our team will be in touch with you periodically to make sure you are getting what you need. You can always contact your doctor or our admin team to get any of your questions answered. We’re all ears to hear from you.

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