Diwali is a very special day for millions of Indians living all over the world. No Diwali celebration is complete without the platefuls of burfis, besan laddoo, halwa and more. The vast array of traditional sweets means the festival of lights might almost be called the festival of sweets/mithai!

With the prevalence of diabetes being 4 times higher among South Asians as compared to other ethnicities, this is a particularly stressful time if you’re trying to avoid the inevitable weight gain and blood sugar fluctuations.

Is there such a thing as Healthy Diwali? Well, if you’re watching your weight, mindful of your health, are diabetic, have high cholesterol or have heart disease, ghee and sugar laden mithai and salt heavy snacks are not ideal.

Here’s how you can have all the fun by making mindful swaps and follow simple tips!


  1. PLAN AHEAD: Set yourself realistic targets for the festive season. Since the festivities of food & fun is not just one day but extends for several days packed with parties and family gatherings. Limit the indulgence only to the festive period and do not feel obliged to polish off all the leftover sweets and chocolates that have been given to you by friends and family!
  2. AVOID SKIPPING MEALS: this is particularly important for diabetics.
  3. Ask friends and family to SWAP OUT SWEETS for nuts, candles or fruits!
  4. Make MODERATION your Diwali mantra. Have mithai and fried snacks in small amounts. EAT SLOWLY. CHEW WELL
  5. Before eating snacks drink water and continue to sip water to bring in that feeling of fullness.
  6. If you are making mithai yourself, use NATURAL SWEETENERS like dried fruit and dates to make the sweets.
  7. Traditional Indian hospitality believes “the guest is truly your God” so why not treat your guests to healthier dishes. If you are hosting the Diwali celebration why not include healthier options of traditional dishes such as BAKED SNACKS vs deep fried?
  8. Impress your guests with a selection of veggie and hummus platters, bhel puri, low cholesterol busting dishes such as soya cocktail sticks, protein-rich chana masala chaat
  9. If you are having fizzy drinks choose sugar free varieties.
  10. Be aware that alcohol is high in calories and so can contribute to weight gain. Alcohol is also an appetite stimulant and can lead to overeating especially those moorish savoury fried snacks. Remember too much alcohol on an empty stomach can cause blood sugars levels to drop dangerously low in diabetics.
  11. If you are diabetic do check your blood sugars so that you are aware and can plan to eat accordingly.
  12. Fit in EXTRA PHYSICAL ACTIVITY during these celebrations. Why not join in the garba / bhangra / disco moves at the diwali party? Great for burning those extra calories.

Above all, from the entire team of Syncremedies, we wish you a very Happy and Healthy Diwali!

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