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Wellness Program
Corporate Wellness On-Site
Wellness Program

Employee Wellness Program

Chronic lifestyle-based diseases, especially those that affect the employees can be prevented and altogether avoided if they are detected and treated in a holistic manner.

We collaborate with Corporates to provide on-site and online wellness services that ensure long-term fitness of its employees. These could range from standard on-site health checkups to fitness classes,  doctor consultations, health talks, yoga/ ergonomics lessons and much more.

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Employee Wellness

On-Site Employee Wellness Program

Annual health checkup
Annual Health Checkups
Disease Management Program
Disease Management Programs
Doctor on site
Doctor On-Site
Doctor Tele Consultation
Doctor Tele Consultations
Fitness Programs
Fitness Classes
Health talks
Health Talks
Emergency Services
Emergency Service
Fitness certificate
Fitness Certificate
Many other services
Many other Services

Our Corporate Health and Wellness Platform

An organization’s workforce is its most important asset, so it makes sense for managers to do what can be done to detect illness and promote health and wellbeing. Keeping employees healthy and productive arguably makes sound financial sense.

Employee Portal

The basic challenges for an individual to stay healthy & well are:

  1. Awareness of what is important for them
  2. Access to quality care
  3. Adoption of recommendations from experts

Therefore, we built the technology to address these challenges. The Employee self subscription service along with company wide initiatives, provide a holistic approach to staying healthy & well.

Ease of use
Ease of Use
Programable App
Programmable initiatives
All Inclusive Packages
All Inclusive for Employees
Discounted for Employees
Discounts for Employees
Access to communication
Access to Value Creators
Pan India
Available Pan India

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