Tele Consultation Read more Syncremedies’ Teleconsultation allows you to get all your health concerns addressed seamlessly, from the comfort of your home. Allopathy, Ayurveda, or Homeopathy; our team of experts are ready to help. Read more @HOME CARE Syncremedies brings to you whole range of Home Healthcare services for all your health and wellness needs. We provide MBBS doctors along with allied services at the convenience of your home. Read more Employee
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Syncremedies brings to you Employee Wellness Programs that are comprehensive in nature, focusing on the overall wellbeing of the employee. We believe that any chronic disease can be avoided or its progress can be prevented if it’s detected and treated early with lifestyle changes.

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    Taking an elderly parent to a hospital is always difficult and getting hold of an ambulance and moving them when they are in pain is even more difficult.  My father was 97 years old, he had health issues and we required a doctor to visit him at home. Dr Srinivas visited our house, checked my father’s temperature and BP and advised a blood and urine test. The testing and medicine delivery was done through Syncremedies’ partner agencies.  Syncremedies services were extremely helpful and we would gladly recommend them to our friends and family.

    N Chandrashekhar

  • The entire experience was very smooth and friendly. The atmosphere in the clinic was pretty soothing, unlike any clinic that you would venture into. The doctors were very friendly and understanding. Basically, they spent a huge chunk of time talking to me and then took about 10 minutes for conferring. Then there was a small discussion while the medications are shipped home directly. The best thing about Syncremedies is getting to meet Allopathy, homepathy and Ayurveda doctors under one roof and no stress. In one sentence, Syncremedies is but a truly holistic experience 🙂


  • I had a great experience with Syncremedies. They did a great job communicating the various aspects of my medical report and coordinating with the Doctor. Upon the doctor’s suggestion we followed up on the prescription and got our medicine delivered with a good discount. This clearly shows that you are taking the responsibility of getting everything done hassle free. I really appreciate your services and dedication towards patient care.

    Ravi Verma, Bangalore

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