What health concerns can be treated by integrated medicine?

  • Consultations are available only for non-emergency medical issue.
  • Our doctors can cater to chronic, long drawn conditions such as migraine, diabetes, joint pain, arthritis, cancer and many more.
  • For any immediate medical assistance connect with your nearest doctor.

Where can I meet the doctors?

  • The consultations can be availed online on our website, as well as offline at Syncremedies clinics across multiple locations. You could get in touch with us at +91 8884886567 for information about clinic nearest to you.

I got an email about a Patient Care Coordinator. Who is this person? What is his/her role? How can I contact them?

  • A Patient Care Coordinator is your care coordinator. This person is there to help you with all and any questions you might have with regard to Syncremedies, your treatment plan, your doctors, your medications or any other services you were referred to.

What happens prior to consultation?

  • You are requested to fill out an intake form which includes a description on the problem, medications, allergies, etc. and upload existing labs and reports for review by the doctors
  • Online consultations are available only after 24 hours, whereas offline consultations are available on the same day as well.

Can I choose a doctor based on my preference?

When booking the appointment you may choose the doctor or let us recommend an expert doctor for your condition.

Can I see just 1 doctor from one form of medicine? I don’t want all the doctors in the consult?

Syncremedies is an integrated medicine service. We believe that the most effective treatment plan can be provided to patients by leveraging the best from all forms of medicines. Thus the consultations are designed to provide you with the most effective results. In some cases depending on your progress, we may decide to cater your consultations with the most appropriate consulting doctor.

Do I need to pay the full amount prior to the consultation?

  • For online consultations, you need to pay full amount before the consultation for your appointment to be ‘confirmed’.
  • For offline consultations, the payment can be made by cash or paytm post consultation at the centre.
  • For senior discounts and referrals discount codes discuss with your care coordinator or connect with us at +91 8884886567.

I am a senior citizen, can I get a discount?

Yes, senior citizens get a discount on all consultations. For further information contact your care coordinator or call us at +91 8884886567.

Is there anything specific I need to arrange for, to undergo my consultation?

For online consultations:

  • Please do make sure to check your computer for mic, speaker, webcam and good internet connection before the consultation. You can ask the PCC for help if needed.
  • At the time of consultation, simply login into our site and click on “Join consultation”. You will meet with the   Ayurveda and Homeopathy doctors via a video conference. The PCC will be there for help.

For offline consultations please bring along all your medical records for the doctors to review and offer better diagnosis and treatment.

Will I get a reminder about my appointment?

Yes, email and/or SMS reminders will be sent to the contact information you have provided at registration.

How long is the consultation?

The doctors will talk to you and get all the information they need to come to a diagnosis and make you a proper treatment plan. A consultation may be up-to 40 minutes.

Will I receive my treatment plan immediately after consultation?

Your treatment plan will be developed by the doctors after determining the best course of action.

  • In case of online appointments, the treatment plan will be sent to you within 24-36 hours post consultation.
  • For offline consultations, the treatment plan will be handed over to you immediately after the consultation.

What do I do now that I have my treatment plan?

Try to follow the diet, exercise and medication routine recommended as best as you can. Order your medications with us for fast delivery of reliable medicines.

If you need help coordinating the treatment plan recommended or place order for medicines, please contact your PCC or call us at +91 8884886567.

Can I get medications online as well?

  • For online consultations you can order your prescription medications by clicking ‘yes’ on the link provided in the Treatment plan.
  • For offline consultations, you can call your PCC or connect with us at +91 8884886567.

Do I get discounts at the other service providers listed on your website?

Yes, service providers contracted with us will give you discounts up-to 15%.

Where do I find and coordinate everything that the doctors have prescribed?

Ask your PCC for help or call us at +91 8884886567.

Do I need to take anything with me to prove I was referred by Syncremedies when I go to the Service provider?

No, Syncremedies will send the necessary information to your chosen service provider but do take your prescription and treatment plan with you as the service provider may ask you some specific questions.

Will Syncremedies get the labs/radiology report directly from the diagnostic center I went to?

No. We request you to upload the results once you get them and contact your PCC immediately with the results.

The doctor, I met during the consultation is in my city. Can I go see him directly?

Yes, you may make an appointment with the doctor through your PCC.

Will I have access to talk to the doctors individually after the consultation?

Any queries you have about the treatment plan should be directed to the PCC but if you want to consult the lead doctor you met during the consultation, there is an additional fee of Rs. 500.

I am not feeling too well after taking the treatment prescribed. What should I do?

If you are seriously unwell, visit a hospital nearby. If it is not an emergency, contact your PCC.

When should I come back for a follow-up?

  • Follow ups are customized based on progress.
  • Treatment plan also includes a tentative schedule for follow-up.

I want to schedule a follow up appointment. How do I do it?

Contact your PCC

Can I choose different doctors for the follow-up appointment?

No, your customized follow up is based on your progress and the doctors’ information and knowledge about you. A follow up with different doctors would mean that the new doctors have to either rely on the previous doctors’ analysis of you, or have to start the analysis from the beginning.

I want to provide some feedback on the service directly to the Management Team. How can I do that?

You can send an email to feedback@Syncremedies.com.

Who do I reach out to in case of concerns?

You may reach out to the PCC at any time for help. Or write to info@Syncremedies.com and a PCC will call you to discuss your concerns.

I have a new problem. Do I need to re-register and pay full price for the consultation?

Yes as you will need to be assessed for the new condition. When you register with this new condition, the doctors most suited to address the condition will be recommended for you to consult with.

How can I reschedule my appointment?

As a policy rescheduling of appointment is possible only for online consultations.

  • If you wish to reschedule an appointment before 48 hours, there will be no charge for rescheduling. You can choose another time slot.
  • If the appointment reschedule is in between 24 – 48 hours, payment will have to be redone and 90 percent will be credited to the account.
  • If the appointment reschedule is within 3-24 hours of consult, payment must be redone and 50 percent will be credited to the account.
  • If the appointment reschedule is within 3 hour of the appointment, changes MAY NOT be made and the consultation fees are forfeited.
  • Please be aware that refunds may take up to 7-10 days and are subject to approval.

For offline consultations, contact your PCC for rescheduling of appointments.