“Digestion is the complex process of turning the food you eat into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth and cell repair needed to survive. The digestion process also involves creating waste to be eliminated.”

A smooth functioning body at its very core equates to a seamless absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste. Did you know that digestion takes place in 3 phases? Read on:

  • Phase 1: Slow and steady (kapha); takes place in the mouth and the upper stomach; getting the food ready for digestion.
  • Phase 2: Intense (pitta); takes place in the lower stomach and the small intestine; actual breakdown of food
  • Phase 3: Light and quick (vata); takes place in the large intestine; nutrients are absorbed and waste created is segregated

After every meal, this process begins and takes anywhere between 4 to 6 hours, depending on how strong your digestive fire (agni) is, what your prakruti(nature of body in Ayurveda) is and what type of food you’ve consumed.



When in balance, you eat right and feel great. Let’s see what it means when we say “you feel great” internally, per your Ayurvedic body type.

Light & Quick (Vata)

  • You have a variable appetite that goes from feeling ravenous to eating small meals and feeling satiated.
  • You crave warm foods.
  • You have gassy bowels

Slow & Steady (Kapha)

  • Since your digestion is slow, you don’t get hungry quickly. Your appetite builds up slowly. You can skip a meal easily unlike Vata types.
  • Bowel movement is smooth and regular

Strong (Pitta)

  • You have a strong appetite and experience sharp hunger pangs at mealtimes. Not eating at the right time can make you “Hangry”
  • Your digestion is quick, so you snack more frequently.
  • Your bowel movement is regular but leans toward loose stool.



Indigestion equals to imbalance and this can look very different depending on your metabolism. Imbalances in digestion are common and easy to identify and fix. They often arise out of eating at odd times, eating the wrong types of food and large quantities of food.   Eating the right food and herbs to match your Ayurvedic body type and making small lifestyle changes will bring back the balance in no time.

Here’s what imbalance looks like for each body type and why:

Light and Quick (Vata)

  • Cold, dry, or junk foods like candy or sodas are simply not right for you
  • You get gas and bloating easily. Skipping meals or eating junk worsens it.
  • You have alternating episodes of constipation and diarrhea

Slow and Steady (Kapha)

  • You have no to very low appetite because you feel full, bloated, and heavy in the abdomen region
  • When you do feel hungry, you want sweet, greesy, fatty, and high-salt foods, just the kind you shouldn’t eat.
  • You have a tendency toward constipation.

Intense (Pitta)

  • You have frequent episodes of heartburn and acid reflux.
  • Despite the indigestion, you still feel hungry and want to have spicy, salty foods.
  • You get diarrhea and experience a burning sensation after/during passing stool.



When your regular course of digestion is thrown off balance,  your energy, muscle mass, bone density, immunity, and brain function all suffer consequences. More often than not if this imbalance prolongs, it eventually makes you highly susceptible to disease.

How does servers imbalance look under the 3 body types?

Light and Quick (Vata)

  • Besides excessive burping, hiccups, gas, and abdominal pain, you may have chronic constipation.
  • Since constipation leads to the buildup of toxins (ama) in the body, your immunity will suffer.
  • Prolonged imbalance leads to low energy, fatigue, and anxiety.

Slow and Steady (Kapha)

  • Since you do not like to exercise, any imbalance in digestion leads to an accumulation of toxins. This shows up as more lethargy, poor focus, obesity, and a feeling of malaise.

Intense (Pitta)

  • You are prone to inflammation; so you may suffer from acid reflux, gastritis, ulcers and inflammatory bowel disorders

If you experience irregular digestion, often, it is best that you speak to your doctor to correct your digestion pattern for optimal health. If you need help in coming up with a diet plan or assistance in dissecting where your digestion issues stem from, give us a call today at +91 8884886567 to set up an appointment or email us at contactus@syncremedies.com