The UN General Assembly declared October 15th as Global Handwashing Day, a campaign that began back in 2008 to motivate millions around the globe to sterilize their hands and raise awareness.

Now more than ever, as the world’s grappling with the deadly coronavirus pandemic, washing your hands for 20seconds(that’s the time it takes to sing the happy birthday song, twice over!) should be second nature.

How to wash your hands

What is handwashing?

Hand washing is the act of cleansing the hand with water or sterilizing liquid(sanitizer) or use soap for the purpose of removing soil, dirt and / or microorganisms.

Washing hands interrupts transmission of disease causing agents; thereby significantly reducing contact from fatal diseases like food poisoning, diarrhea, and respiratory infections.

Here’s a list of health concerns that manifest because of improper hand hygiene.

  • 30-40% of respiratory tract disorders
  • common cold
  • un-seasonal fever
  • influenza
  • 40%of gastro-intestinal disorders
  • food poisoning
  • body fluid illnesses
  • hand food mouth disease
  • hepatitis-A
  • worm infestation
  • eye infections

So when is, handwashing most needed?

  • when hands are dirty
  • after using bathroom
  • before preparing food
  • before eating
  • after touching raw meat
  • after handling garbage
  • after contact with pets
  • after outdoor activities
  • before and after a visit to hospital
  • if you sneeze/cough into your hand (ideally you should sneeze/cough into your upper arm)

What substances can be used for cleaning your dirty hands?

  • clean running water
  • Soap
  • Sanitizer as a sterilizing agent

How to wash your hands?

  • wet your hands with clean, running water – turn off the tap
  • apply soap – make lather
  • rub your hands together
  • make sure you lather both the sides of your hands, between your fingers and under your
  • nails, scrubbing should be done at least for 20seconds
  • Open the tap and wash your hand thoroughly making sure not to leave lather.
  • After which make sure all the extra water on your hands are drained. Those droplets are very good at spreading infection, so do get rid of the extra water.
  • After which make sure you, dry your hand using a towel/paper towel/air dryer.

Let’s face it, in a country like ours having access to clean, running water 24/7 is a luxury that is unfortunately not available to everyone. So, look out for the people in your life, from your house help to the vegetable vendor and see if you can help them out in any way. Buying sanitizer and hand soap is a good start, so they can protect themselves and their families too.

Remember, wear your mask, wash your hands and maintain 6-feet distance. We know that you’re getting tired of the virus but the virus isn’t tired of us yet, and cases are still rising everyday. If you are experiencing any symptoms, our team of doctors at Syncremedies are here to assist you.

Take care.