Home Care

Do you live away from home and constantly worry about your parents health? Or are you just out of surgery yourself and looking to get on the path to full recovery? May be you’re looking for a trusted someone to stay with your single, elderly parent to assist with the day to day?

You have come to the right place!! Syncremedies offers a wide range of healthcare services in the comfort of your home for you and your loved ones. You may avail the services on a Retail model (episodic/ pay as you go model) or a Subscription model (see details below).

At Syncremedies we recognize that everyone’s needs are different and hence recognizing the need for customized plans, we’re very excited to launch our @Home Care Program where we offer a comprehensive suite of services that takes care of your healthcare needs in the comfort of your home.

Our team of experienced doctors comprise of experts who offer their diagnosis along with assistance on allied services essential for therapeutic compliance such as Nursing care, Diagnostic tests, Medication delivery, Medical equipment and yoga; all in the convenience of your home.

FREE services part of your Subscription plan:

  1. A Customized Care Plan
  2. First full medical assessment done in-home by a medical nurse
  3. 8am to 8pm Concierge Care Support On-Phone
  4. Medical Records online
  5. 12 Free Tele-Consultations
  6. Discounted prices for ALL allied services listed below

Nurse Care

Allied Services

On subscribing to our @Home Care plan, you will get access to a slew of well-rounded services, each at a special discounted price that is exclusive to Syncremedies. Below are some of our most popular services.

Nursing Care/Care Taker:

Our team of compassionate and professional caregivers ensure that the patient gets the care at home they need to heal better and faster. A well-trained individual will take care of the patients day to day needs like bathing, daily walks, eating, administering medication etc.

Medical services Include:

  1. Dressing change
  2. IV fluids /medications
  3. Catheter changing
  4. Bed sore management and many more



Our experienced Physiotherapist will visit the patients home, assess the issue and create a customized plan for full recovery.

Prescription Medication Delivery:

Medication will be delivered to the patients home within 24-48 hours.

Laboratory Tests:

A lab technician will come to the patients house to collect blood/urine samples and a report will be sent within 24 hours for most tests.

Care Taker

Medical Equipment:

We have all the medical equipment you need to stay at home and recover comfortably. Our equipment like wheelchairs, special bed, bed pan, walking sticks etc. is available to rent as well as purchase.

YogaWellness (Yoga):

A certified yoga instructor will visit the individuals house and teach a private yoga class.

Nutritionist Consultation:

Our nutrition expert will talk to the patient over the phone and create a customized diet plan that will further enhance the overall recovery process.

For more information our extensive list of allied services and pricing information, please click here. You can also Subscribe to our @Home Care Program.

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