Integrative medicine is healing-oriented rather than disease-focused.

It promotes the combination of mind, body and spirit to regain the body’s natural equilibrium to achieve health.The five most common advantages of integrated medicine cited by patients and practitioners include:

  1. Being healing-oriented

Integrated medicine’s focus, like the ancient systems of Ayurveda, is about wellness, vitality and healing, rather than focusing just on the disease. It begins with the assumption that there is an imbalance or an energy blockage that leads to the manifestations of illness and disease. Restoring the body’s natural state of equilibrium can help bring back balance and promote health.

  1. Focus on the mind, body and spirit

Too often patients go to doctors with multiple symptoms affecting multiple organ systems and see different practitioners for each of their problems. Integrated medicine puts the focus on how various symptoms can be connected and search for the root cause, rather than treating individual symptoms. Apart from suggested treatments, it’s also based on the patient’s ability to adhere to recommendations such as cultural dietary restrictions and an exercise program.

  1. Emphasizing the therapeutic relationship

There is a new focus on the doctor-patient partnership, which makes us stop and take a closer look at how the clinician’s role changed? Are there better ways to handle health issues that can only be managed, not cured? The integrated partnership guides and advises patients regarding treatment options. Together, doctor and patient decide on the best plan of action. In the case of management of chronic diseases, attention is placed on meeting the patient where they are at the time. By addressing obstacles to lifestyle changes and sticking to treatment plans, the likelihood of success with the recommended therapy, increases.

  1. Personalized medicine

Recommendations may vary in integrated treatment plans according to each individual’s unique case. In customizing treatment plans to meet individual needs, doctors scrutinize and evaluate alternative therapies the same way as traditional therapies. Integrated assessments are highly personalized. Patients are asked about everything from environmental exposures to personal relationships. All factors are considered when determining a treatment route and thus its success.

  1. Using all appropriate therapies

By combining traditional allopathic treatment options along with mind-body therapies, such as yoga and meditation, a treatment plan is developed that utilizes the least invasive therapies first. Attaining a sense of “well-being” becomes especially important in cases where cure is not always possible.


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