Who doesn’t want flawless, spotless and glowing skin? The cosmetic industry today realises the extreme measures people are willing to take and the money they are willing to spend in order to achieve it. However, when it comes to skin care, sometimes just following basic tips and home remedies can be the answer.

Skin care tips 

  • Conduct patch tests –  The skin over your face is more sensitive than the rest of the body. Hence, patch test any cosmetic product before you use it. Try under your chin area and leave about and an hour or so, to make sure there is no adverse reaction.
  • Also, do remember that the skin on your face has different thickness at different sites- the skin under the eyes and around the lips are the most fragile. Care should be taken not to scrub hard over these areas. Spare them from applying a face mask.
  • Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise –  It is necessary to keep your face clean and well hydrated as this is the part of the body which gets most exposed to the external environment. Wash preferably with cool water 4-5 times a day; optionally, a gentle face wash may be used. Choosing your face wash is also equally important, as the skin texture varies from person to person. Another important part is how you dry the face. A gentle tap with a clean, soft towel will be the best way to retain the softness and smoothness rather than rubbing a rough towel over it. Use a toner to balance out the pH of your skin and then moisturise well.
  • Your skin reflects what you eat and drink –  Yes, I would say. Avoiding oily and spicy food helps to maintain a lustrous skin. Drinking at least 7-8 glasses of water will prevent dryness and keeps the skin hydrated.

Home remedies to add to your skin care regimen 

  • To protecting your skin from pollution – adding a few drops of olive oil to a piece of cotton and wiping it every night will help to remove the dirt. This should be followed by washing the face with a gentle face wash.
  • For natural cleansing and bleaching effect – Add a teaspoon of sugar to three teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply it over face in circular motion and wash off after a few minutes. Sugar acts as a scrub and exfoliate the skin whereas lemon juice has a bleaching effects. Apply the same over the neck also, adding on the extra benefit.
  • Home remedy for tan removal – A teaspoon of yogurt with few drops of lemon juice acts as a natural bleach. Applying it after coming from the hot sun has profound effects.
  • Oily skin home remedy – cleanse thoroughly with a paste of (besan) Gram flour and a pinch of turmeric it’s inherent drying effects help remove the oiliness.
  • Home remedy for dry skin –  a scrub twice a week with a paste of honey, pulp of papaya fruit and neem leaves. It is highly recommended to moisten your face since Aloe vera gel is a natural moisturizer.

Some products which will help further enhance your beauty:

  • Rose water, undoubtedly serves as a natural face toner.
  • The age old Indian practice of applying a paste of (haldi) Turmeric, a natural antibiotic, helps to remove dirt and skin impurities of any sort.
  • One glass of carrot juice (rich in free radicals and beta carotene ) thrice a week helps to improve skin tone.
  • Using a paste of saffron and honey can act as a natural sunscreen and protect skin from harmful UV rays.

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