Manicures have gained much popularity these days and rate high in cosmetic value. Long and shaped nails are symbolic of feminine beauty. However, from a medical perspective, nail health and overall health of an individual are mirror images. Therefore, nail examination is an integral part of physical examination of a person.

What do your nails indicate about your health?

There are different signs on nails which reflect the underlying disease conditions.

  • Mis-shaped, spoon shaped nails: denote Anemia.
  • Pitting nails: sign of skin disease, especially psoriasis, eczema, etc.
  • Thickened nails: sign of fungal infections
  • Splitting nails: hypothyroidism
  • Yellow nails: chronic use of nail polish
  • Blue nails: indicate liver disease and a respiratory disorder
  • Transverse lines on nail: ¬†caused by malnutrition
  • Brittle nails: result of vitamin deficiency and inadequate nail care

Thus, nurturing your nails is an important part of personal care. In case any of the above issues persist, consult a doctor and get the disease cured.

How to take care of nails naturally?

Nail grows from the nail bed, which is just beneath the skin and it takes nearly 8-9 months for the nail to grow to complete length. In addition to diet, certain home remedies and nail care techniques can help you develop healthy nails.

Healthy diet:
  • ¬†A diet rich in calcium, protein, iron, gelatin and Vitamin B complex are pivotal in the growth of healthy nails.
  • Vitamin C rich food like citrus fruits and Vitamin D helps to cure split nails.
  • Experts do not discard the role of biotin (Vitamin H) in maintaining healthy nails, hair and skin.
    • Tomatoes are considered as a wonder vegetable for nail health as they are rich in Vitamin A, C and biotin.
    • Whole grains, nuts, legumes etc. are rich in biotin and thus help with nail growth.
  • Drink adequate water to prevent dehydration and drying of nails.
Home Remedies:
  • Apple cider vinegar has shown some benefits to improve nail strength. Dipping the nails twice a week have delivered profound benefits in strengthening of the nails.
  • Olive Oil: Massage the nail bed with olive oil twice a week, helps to keep the nail bed healthy and promotes the growth of healthy nails.
  • Rubbing the nails with skin of lemon or orange creates a bleaching effect and makes the nails shine and glow.
  • Moisturise your nail bed with aloe vera gel or papaya pulp to reduce the brittleness of the nails.
Additional tips for nail care:
  1. Try to avoid harsh polish
  2. Buff your nails instead of colouring

Keep in mind-

  1. In traditional medical sciences, nails, teeth and hair growth are linked. Hence, it has been concluded that an individual’s genetic tendency greatly determines nail growth and nail type.
  2. With adequate dietary support, medicaments and treatments from alternative medicine root cause of the health concerns can be treated.

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