Asthma Treatment – Medications, Yoga, Home Remedies

Asthma is a respiratory condition marked by contractions in the bronchi (passage way to the lungs) causing difficulty in breathing. Asthma is usually associated with wheezing sounds, tightness in the chest and coughing. Common causes include allergies or a hypersensitivity of some kind. Severity can vary from mild occasional discomfort to a severe need for […]

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Overcome Depression – What You Need To Know

What is depression and can you overcome it? Clinically, depression is defined as a mental state wherein the mind is constantly unhappy or unsatisfied for an indefinite period. According to the WHO, depression is the most common mental illnesses experienced by individuals today. In fact, as per a survey conducted by the CDC, about 7-8% […]

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Nails and Health

Nails and Health – What You Need To Know

Manicures have gained much popularity these days and rate high in cosmetic value. Long and shaped nails are symbolic of feminine beauty. However, from a medical perspective, nail health and overall health of an individual are mirror images. Therefore, nail examination is an integral part of physical examination of a person. What do your nails […]

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