How the Pandemic is Reducing the Wait-Time at the Doctor’s Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we see our doctor both for episodic and regular annual checkups. While, physical doctor’s offices were forced to rethink how waiting rooms are run, for a telemedicine platform like Syncremedies, we saw a huge surge in more people being comfortable with the online experience. What helped was our e-experienced doctors that were ready to dive in and help our new patients, virtually.

According to a study by Yosi Health, almost half of respondents (46 percent) said that before the pandemic, the worst part about the doctor’s office was sitting in the waiting room for long periods of time.

The traditional waiting room experience often involves patients sitting with other patients, filling out forms on clipboards etc. But now those things are slowly going away, Hari Prasad, health tech expert and CEO of Yosi health said.

“We are seeing an improvement to the digital experience of that patient as they start demanding more of these conveniences as a consumer,” he said.

Seamless transition between virtual and in-person and visa-versa

COVID-19 helped make online appointments easy while protecting the patients privacy. Pre-pandemic a lot of people were hesitant to book an online appointment, but that is not the case anymore.
Despite a liking for virtual and digital services, people still expect to have in-person visits with their doctors.

Yosi’s study showed that about 60 percent of respondents would be willing to go back to in-person visits and hope to.

Although Syncremedies is a telemedicine platform offering tele and video consultations, how we build a continued patient-doctor relationship is by making sure the patient is seeing the same doctor when he/she has to see their doctor in person.

Experts envision a merge of technology with in-person visits. They anticipate people will be more willing to filling out forms and providing insurance information, ID cards, and credit card information online before they arrive.


While healthcare professionals moving toward enabling patients to use personal devices, such as a phone or computer to cut down on waiting times, older patients and those who do not have access to devices may need other options.

Elderly patients are also more likely comfortable using an iPad, but we believe that demographic will evolve over time with how they adapt to technology.

With Syncremedies easy teleconsultations, we have seen considerably success in getting this population easy appointments and consultations.

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