Nasya Ayurveda

What is Nasya & 5 Reasons to Practice It

What is Nasya? According to Ayurveda, the sinus cavity is known as a gateway to the brain, mind, and consciousness. To address any imbalances related to memory, the emotions, thoughts, also imbalances above the clavicle bone, treatments like Nasya are known to be effective. Nasya, is the practice of lubricating the nasal cavities and sinuses […]

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Your Ayurveda Guide to Health, By Season

Understanding the elements of each season can help you reduce any adverse effects. In Ayurveda it’s important to keep in mind that your predominant dosha increases during the season it governs, so make sure to choose foods and activities that will pacify and not aggravate it. VATA SEASON Leaf-scuttling winds mark the start of vata […]

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