Dr. Mohammed Shihabudheen Kappan

Speciality- Allopathy

Dr. Shihab completed his graduation in MBBS from University of Science & Technology Chittagong in 2002, followed by training at the university hospital. Having completed a short term training in Emergency Medicine at CMC, Vellore, he joined Max Super Specialty Hospital at Saket, New Delhi. While working for Max, he had an opportunity to get into non-invasive cardiology/complementary cardiology treatments at SAAOL Heart Centre, New Delhi.

Post his stint at Delhi, he went on to join Ministry of Health, Maldives as a Senior Medical Officer for a period of two years, and was further promoted to work at National Narcotics Control Bureau, Maldives in co-ordination with UNODC (United Nations Office for Drug & Crime).

Through his tenure he had always been deeply interested in integrative medicine, which brought him in touch with Wellness Solutions at Cochin, which was a turning point to bring his entrepreneurial spirit to life. Soon he started his own venture into Corporate & School Wellness with preventive medicine as a core; a move to bring an effective and positive change in the health of coming generations.

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