Today is observed as mental health day, this day is not only observed for the people who are mentally unstable but it is also observed for people who are mentally stable, but then mentally ill. This stage of mental disorder is termed as depression.

On this day, I would like to discuss about the most common illness today in society, which can be merely treated by talking to each other and sorting the issue. With the fast-forward mode of the society none of us observe what is happening around us, or what is happening in our neighborhood, thinking that it’s their private issues. This kind of ignorance by mankind towards other mankind is causing a mood in the mind called depression.

Depression is a state of mind where the mind is constantly unhappy or unsatisfied through the day or an indefinite period.

According to world health organization (WHO) depression is the most common illness known to mankind. It stands first in order of mental illness.

According to a survey by disease control and prevention, about 7-8% of people over the age of 12yrs suffer depression once in every 2 weeks for a short period or indefinite period.

So, what causes depression?
As the ancient monk Gautama Buddha said – “expectation is root cause of sorrow”

  • Personal life depression
    • Could range from economically being unable to meet the needs of family members to unhealthy relationship with spouse; from fulfilling expectations of parents to meeting needs of kids; from not being fit to not being fair; the reasons could be varied.
  • Professional life depression 
    • unable to perform at work place, being unhappy about the work, status, salary, peers, seniors and the list goes on.
  • Societal pressures that lead to depression
    • the constant involvement of society in day to day lives or the pressure to be accepted by society is a huge reason for depression. Right from being image and beauty conscious, individuals feel the need to be accepted in the society.
  • Depression is not only observed in adults
    • Reasons for life depression in teens range from inability to score good grades in studies or sports to not being popular amongst peers. Beauty, height, weight, boyfriend/ girlfriend and to top it all are the financial status of parents or the cool vacations they have been to; a big reason for kids getting into depression nowadays.
  • What are the symptoms that indicate you are a prey to depression?
    • sadness for an indefinite period
    •  irritability
    •  loss of interest in any activity which once enjoyed
    •  social activity withdrawal
    •  fatigue
    •  loss of sleep or disturbed sleep
    •  feeling of left out in a group
    •  feeling of not cared
    •  suicidal tendency
  • What are the effects of depression?
    • People who fall prey to the most common mental illness land up taking support from the unhealthy habits like addiction to smoking, alcohol, and the worst drug addiction.
  • What is the solution to depression?
    • The first line treatment even before a medical practitioner’s intervention is to “talk to people”. Half of the cause is sorted once you share your issue with a known person, who you think can help you out.
    • Immediate response to a depressed condition is to watch your favorite cartoon, a comedy movie or go shopping, eat your favorite dish; the intention is to do something you really enjoy this will immediately change your depressed mood.
    • A small nap can also help you sort the issue, after a nap your mind is all fresh, so that you can start a solution to your issue afresh from square one.
    • Meditation can also be of help, so that your mind is calm and when mind is calm it performs  the better.
    • Spend some time with yourself, you are the better judge in your life.
    • Medical practitioner’s intervention starts only when the condition is out of reach, where the victim is totally merit to the disorder. But do reach out to a counsellor and do not ignore the situation.

Overall it can be summed up that healthy mind and healthy body go hand in hand. Social interactions, lifestyle, diet, nutrition, exercise, personal & professional relationships, all play an important role.
However, sometimes when all these don’t help there is a medication intervention essential based on the severity of the condition and associated health concerns.

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Dr. Jyothsna
Ayurveda Doctor


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