Hair fall Or Allopecia which is very common in today’s lifestyle is of huge concern because it is considered to influence one’s appearance and presentation to the society.

When should I worry about my hair fall? Am I going to go bald? How much hair fall is bad?

Most of them are worried about hair fall but when should the actual worry set in. Let us try few tests.

  • After a long nap, check your pillow are there hair strands fallen on it????
  • Run your fingers through your hair for 3 times simultaneously! Do a few strands keep coming to your hand?

If both your answers are yes and it is more than 3-5 strands of hair; then yes, you need to be worried.

What is the difference between hair fall and hair loss?

  • If you lose up to 5-10 strands of hair in a day and still have a reasonable volume of hair then this is HAIR FALL.
  • If you lose more than 15-20 strands of hair and observe area of baldness in scalp then that is HAIR LOSS.

What are the causes of hair fall?

Everyone is worried about HAIR FALL, but what exactly is causing HAIR fall. Hair fall can be categorized for easy understanding:

  • Unhealthy scalp induced hair fall
  • Life style induced hair fall
  • Environmental factors induced hair fall
  • Genetic disorders induced hair fall


What causes unhealthy scalp induced hair fall?

When the scalp is unhealthy then it cannot provide required nutrients for the hair to grow. This can be a fungal infected scalp or dandruff scalp. When the cause is treated hair loss is treated.

  • Dandruff Scalp or Fungal Infected Scalp: Dandruff is basically a fungal infection which infects the scalp and causes blockage in the hair follicle which stops nourishment to hair resulting in hair fall.

Home Remedy: Grind 30-40 neem leaves into fine paste. Use your regular shampoo, after your shampoo wash, apply thick neem paste on the scalp and scrub it for a while, rest it for 2 minutes and wash it, make sure there is no residue left in the scalp or hair. Dry your hair naturally in bright sunlight, avoid dryer.

  • Oily Scalp: Hair becomes oily when the scalp sweats. Helmet usage and Hypertension can be probable cause. When the scalp sweats it blocks the hair follicle from transferring nutrients to hair resulting in hair fall.

Home Remedy:

– Neem remedy mentioned earlier shows good results in dealing with oily scalp

– Make sure you avoid staying outdoors for prolonged hours and if you do, then make sure you get back and wash your hair clean to get rid of the pollutants and sweat.

– Avoid stress, reduce intake of salt.



What are the lifestyle factors that induce hair fall?

Diet: Our food habits play a very important role in supplying the right nutrients for our body and in-turn hair. Improper intake can result in:

Nutrient Deficiency induced hair fall: though MICRO-NUTRIENTS are required in small quantity they have a huge role in nourishment. Hence have your micro-nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamins checked.

Home Remedy: Once tests are done, if found deficient start with natural supplements. (Refer below for supplement related information)

Weak bones induced hair fall:
Healthy Bones are the source for healthy hair growth. If bones are unhealthy then hair growth is also unhealthy. Hence have your BONE DENSITY checked along with CALCIUM levels.

Home Remedy: Once tests are done, if found deficient start with natural supplements. (Refer below for supplement related information)

So here are some natural supplements for healthy hair!

Dairy Products: Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese (paneer) tofu, soya meal

Vegetables: Drum stick, Drum stick leaves(Moringa leaves), Carrot, Beans, Raddish, Spinach, Sweet potato, Broccoli, Jalapenos

Fruits: Guava, Banana, Plum, Apple, Avocado, Orange, Coconut, Blue Berries, Aloe Vera

Dry fruits: Almonds, Dry grapes, Dates, Fig (Anjeer)

 Non-vegetarian: Egg, Chicken, Fish, Beef

Sleep: Sleep has an important function in bodies harmony. Hormonal function, release of toxins, functioning of immune system, physical and mental strength, all are affected by the amount of sleep we get. Perfect functioning of these systems impacts our hair directly.

(Peer) Pressure induced hair fall: With today’s trend, HABITS like smoking, excessive alcohol intake, caffeine, and the most important, stress have an impact on hair fall.
Though effects are seen later, signs are observed in early stages, the chemicals in the cigarette weakens the blood supply causing damage to bone’s nourishment.
Excess In-take of caffeine and alcohol has the same effect. STRESS causes reduced blood supply to the scalp, causing stoppage of nutrient supply, resulting in hair loss.
So what can be done best? Refrain initially; if already habituated then Reduce and completely replace with healthier options.

Regulations 😉 induced hair fall (Helmets): Many 2 wheeler commuters come under the compulsory helmet role by traffic police. Since this cannot be ignored, it can be modified. Using helmet makes your scalp sweat thereby oily and unhealthy.

Home remedy: once you get back home, wash your hair so that the sweat is washed up totally. Make sure you use a cotton scarf between your helmet and head; cotton will absorb the sweat and keep your scalp dry.



What are the Environmental factors that cause hair fall?

Pollution: weakens your hair and also pollutes your scalp. Pollutants and sweat mix together and block the follicles, resulting in hair’s fall.

Home Remedy: once you are back home, have your hair oiled well and have clean hair wash to remove the pollutants. Make sure you tie up your hair before going out or cover your head with a cotton scarf, so that the sweat is absorbed.

Hard Water: causes unhealthy scalp which weakens the hair follicles and block them, causing stoppage of nourishment to the hair.

Home Remedy: Use little bit of apple cider vinegar in half a mug of water for conditioning and rinse off.
Use water softeners for bath.
Avoid usage of hard water or rinse off with filtered water post washing your hair.



Can Hereditary related hair loss be managed?

As the saying goes “it’s in your GENE”!

Cases where the Hereditary is the main cause for hair loss, its proven that the onset can be delayed
with intake of nutritious food and supplements.

Home Remedy: Hair loss can be delayed with regular massage and consuming nutritious food and natural supplements.


Additional tips that will help you with your hair loss!

Make your own oil to have a healthy black shine hair!


Pure Coconut oil (500ml), Pure Gingelly oil (250ml), Black pepper (10-15seeds), Guava leaves ( 15-20leaves), Kasturi Methi (15-20leaves), Curry leaves ( 20-30leaves), Neem leaves (20-30), Hibiscus flower (3 flowers), Hibiscus leaves (15-20 leaves), Aloe Vera pulp (2inch length), Almond (10-15,chopped, optional)


Mix pure coconut oil with pure gingelly oil, in a thick vessel and warm it, slowly add one by one all the other ingredients, let the oil boil well until aloe vera pulp melts and all the leaves are roasted. Then filter the content using filter or muslin cloth and store in air tight container.


Heat the oil before applying on scalp. Massage well. Massage improves blood circulation, which improves nutrition supply to the hair follicles which in turn results in growth of healthy lengthy shiny hair. This also keeps a check on grey hair.
After shampoo wash, good to have a TRIPHALA CHOORNA wash.

Triphala Choorna hair wash

After your regular shampoo wash take 2 spoons of TRIPHALA CHOORNA (available in all Ayurvedic outlets) add water to it to make it a thick paste, apply it on your scalp and scrub it for a while, rest it for 2 min and wash it.

Make sure no choorna is left in the scalp or hair.

Dry your hair in bright sunlight, avoid dryer.

Overall it can be summed up that for healthy hair Diet, exercise and lifestyle plays an important role. However, sometimes there is a medication intervention essential based on the severity of the condition and associated health concerns which are the reason for hair fall.

At Syncremedies, meet with 3 doctors from Allopathy, Ayurveda & Homoepathy TOGETHER to offer the most effective solution to your concern.
Modern medicine can facilitate in immediate control of the symptom and traditional medicine can aid in treating the concern from its root in the long run.
Each consult lasts a duration of 40 minutes with a treatment plan that encapsulates Diet, Exercise, Therapy and medication essential to control and treat hair fall.

You can meet the doctors online through a video consult at the convenience of your home or visit a clinic near you.

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