Yoga has been clubbed with many words. You’ve probably heard a few: power,bikram, ashtanga, hatha, patanjali to name a few common ones. They conjure up images that can range from confusing to odd to daunting. At Syncremedies, we just want you to be happy doing yoga.

So instead of being confused daunted or puzzled, Syncremedies is here to help you enjoy yoga and be happy with your life, your health and your relationships.

Your life – because you will be able to work better and feel stronger, your health – because Yoga supports positive health like nothing else; your relationships – because they work best when you are  free from stress and in a positive frame of mind through Yoga.

Yoga is an ancient form of physical and spiritual practice originating in India thousands of years ago, that focuses on improving your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The goal of yoga is to harmonize your body, mind and spirit through a combination of poses, meditation and breathing exercises. At Syncremedies we talk about how unifying your body, mind and spirit allows you to achieve a sense of wholeness, peace and self-realization. HAPPINESS.

A great sage Patanjali, was the one who codified the Yoga Shastras, scriptures, and was the one who brought yoga to the world in its form that we see around us today.Yoga was used by ancient Indians to develop an strong body and, through the austerities and disciplines of Yoga, to develop a strong mind as well. The goal of Yoga has always been a deepening of the spiritual understanding of the individual bringing one closer to the Supreme Being.

There are 8 branches of Yoga:

  1. Yama: The Public (our interaction with the world) disciplines
  2. Niyama The Self (personal) disciplines
  3. Asana: The Physical discipline
  4. Pranayama: The life force control
  5. Pratyahara: The withdrawing discipline
  6. Dharana: The discipline of focus
  7. Dhyana: The discipline of Meditation
  8. Samadhi: The state of bliss

The focus of Yoga teaching these days is fixated on the physical disciplines Asana and Pranayama and these are the disciplines that give us specific solutions to our physical ailments. Asana and Pranayama combined with some forms of meditation relieve stress and provide relief from specific ailments. These include chronic diseases as well as general health issues.

In our writings on Yoga in this website you will find help for various diseases as well as Yoga for general health. It is important to note that the capacity of each individual is different and one must progress slowly through the stages of physical capacity and at all times be aware of one’s own limitations. A guru or teacher is often the best place to start your journey in Yoga. May you find the right one!

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