The skin is the largest organ of the body and serves a variety of functions such as temperature control, excretion, etc.

Clear skin instantly adds beauty to a face and is a sign of good health

Below are some common problems and easy solutions to most of them.

Note: Specifically facial skin and non medical issues are considered below.

Also remember, home remedies need to be adhered to for 10-14 days to see effects.

Common problems: and easy solutions.

Acne (pimples)
  • 1 part vinegar +3 parts water: dab on affected area. apply a few times a day. Wash thoroughly when dry. Do not over on dry skin
  • a mixture of honey and cinnamon. leave it on for 15 mins. Wash off.
  • milk and honey or yogurt and honey.
Blemishes (rashes, red, white or dark patches on skin)
  • Egg whites, whipped up and applied to blemishes
  • Sandalwood paste: does wonders for blemishes. Use with coconut oil or rose water and apply to skin
  • Rubbing potato on blemishes is also believed to do wonders.
Tanned skin
  • aloe vera gel and almond oil pack..apply to skin, let dry for 15mins, wash off(use daily to see effects)
  • Tumeric and lime juice: apply, wait till dry and wash off.
  • Kesar (saffron) with olive oil is very effective in lightening skin.
Red patches
  • Tumeric with yogurt makes a great pack for reducing inflammation.
  • Banana peel, left overnight (stuck on with tape if needed)  on warts for a few nights is believed to remove warts.
  • Crushed Vit C tablets mixed with lime juice or water.
Dry Patches
  • Tumeric and cream; apply mixture and let dry. Use as overnight cream or wash off when dry.
  • Olive oil apply directly to affected ara.
  • Honey mixed with olive oil does wonders for dry skin
Hyperchondrois (too much hair)
  • Besan (gram flour), milk and tumeric. Make a paste and leave on for half an hour before washing it off.
  • Egg mask: white of eggs plus sugar and cornflour. Appy mixture to face, wait till try and peel off mask from face.
Cold sores at corner of mouth
  • Vanilla extract on a Q tip for about a minute. Repeat 4 times a day until sore is gone.
  • Milk! Does wonders for cold sore. Apply repeatedly directly on sore.
  • Crushed garlic attached to the mole (with tape or bandage), left overnight for about 10 days. May cause redness and irritation. Protect surrounding skin with vaseline.
  • Flaxseed oil, honey and finely ground flaxseeds. Put the paste on the mole and leave it on for an hours, three times a day, for a few weeks.


Routine care

Of course, best thing to do is avoid problems! Routine care and a few minutes spent on the skin can avoid problems.

  • A healthy diet! This one is obvious and easy! Too much oily, greasy, salty, sugary and processed food is not good for skin. Skin is a reflection of the gut, fresh fruits and vegetables are best for both!
  • Exercise and workout! A healthy metabolism is great for skin. Plus sweating is the best way to flush out our pores and remove excess toxins, etc.
  • Keep your skin clean: Don’t leave it covered in make up, dust, or other foreign substances.
  • No extra touch: Try not to touch your face and skin too much.
  • Identify your kind of skin: Oily, dry, combination, etc and use care to not overdo anything that doesn’t help it.
  • Destress: Stress has a way of spruting out of your skin! Pimples, blemishes, blisters other skin lesions, increase when stress is significant.
  • Make up: If you must use make up, use one with least ingredients and make sure you give your skin enough time in each day to be naked and clean.
  • Protect your skin from the sun: A healthy dose of early morning sun is useful to get a good dose of Vit D. But for the rest of the day, use a hat or full clothes to protect your skin from detrimental effects of the sun such as sun spots and tans.
  • Moisturize, tone and clean: As needed depending on your kind of skin. Keep things natural and at a minimum. Use natural face masks, scrubs and oils to do the needful.

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