Obesity and difficulty in weight gain has become a common occurrence and the brunt of easy jokes and mischief. However, we must remember that weight issues are a serious concern and must be contained for a variety of reasons. In the workplace, obesity in personnel has numerous implications, both for the management and employees. Many companies now have a health check up as part of an interview process for its significant effects on work lives.

  • Most significant of its effects are obviously personal health: Obesity has been linked to numerous health issues like blood pressure, diabetes, joint pains, PCOD, etc. Chronic health issues can be controlled, but are best prevented.
  • Absenteeism: is another major concern for compromised productivity. Both obese men and women are likely to be absent for 2-4 days per year more than their normal weight counter parts due to health related incidents. 
  • Efficiency: Depending on the job of course, obesity can affect efficiency in various ways. Be it simply the tiredness that is bound to come sooner from carrying extra weight around, or the functioning of the organs that is compromised, obesity is often linked to compromised efficiency.
  • Morale: Morale in healthier people is much higher and that may be simply because of the perception that they are more in control of their life conditions. In addition, normal hormone levels keep the mind and body much better equipped to handle the normal stresses of work, family and life.
  • Family health: The desire to control obesity in itself encourages healthy habits in people and that in turn permeates through the families. Healthy food habits are chosen. Healthy activities are chosen and the family gets fitter and in better shape. This results in the working people of the family being less stressed about family health and requiring less time off for sick days, family illness etc.
  • Sense of responsibility: Focus on one’s health, renews a sense of responsibility in all aspects of life. People who work out, meditate and consciously eat healthy are often the ones who dont ‘play victim’ in their minds and consciously keep their thoughts in a positive place. This translates into putting their best efforts in work, reduced ill feeling and gossip among co workers and other staff, and most of all, being happy.
  • Financial reasons: Both, personally, to the employee and to the company are significant enough for everyone to now pay attention to this curable and preventable issue that is plaguing the corporate world.

We have all heard to many times how to lose weight! Eat healthy, Work out, Destress and sleep enough!

For a quick review, let’s look at Syncremedies’ doctors favourite tips for losing weight!

  • Eat early dinners. Try and stay without any food intake for 10-12 hours every night.
  • Keep healthy snacks close by, so that when you are hungry and don’t have time to cook, you make a good choice. On your desk, in your bag, in your car.
  • Burn what you eat! Stand instead of sitting. Walk instead of standing. Run instead of walking!
  • Don’t stress! Stress releases hormones make us fat!!
  • Eat small regular meals. Don’t set yourself up for a super-hungry-will-eat-anything situation!
  • Take the time to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.
  • Lemon juice with honey first thing in the morning will work wonders!
  • And an all time favourite! Eat mindfully! Savour every bite! You’ll need a lot less to be satisfied!

For those of us keen on controlling our weight, there is a wealth of information out there to help us! All we need is commitment!


Use the image to find your ideal weight and let’s get there!

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