Global hand washing day is been observed on 15th of October from 2008 by UN General Assembly, this is a campaign to motivate millions around the globe to sterilize their hands and raise awareness.

Hand washing is the act of cleansing the hand with water or sterilizing liquid or use soap for the purpose of removing soil, dirt and / or microorganisms.

Washing hands interrupts transmission of disease causing agents; thereby significantly reducing contact from fatal diseases like food spoil, diarrhoea, and respiratory infections.

A recent survey suggest merely washing hand with sanitising agents, particularly after contact with faeces-post defecation or after handing child’s stool; can reduce gastro-intestinal tract infection incidents by 47% and respiratory tract infections by 30%

Here’s a list of health concerns that manifest because of improper hand hygiene.

  • 30-40% of respiratory tract disorders
  • common cold
  • un-seasonal fever
  • influenza
  • 40%of gastro-intestinal disorders
  • food poisoning
  • body fluid illnesses
  • hand food mouth disease
  • hepatitis-A
  • worm infestation
  • eye infections

So when is, hand wash most needed?

  • when hands are dirty
  • after using bathroom
  • after a cough
  • after a sneeze
  • while preparing food
  • while serving food prepared
  • before eating
  • after touching raw meat
  • after handling garbage
  • after contact with pets
  • after outdoor activities
  • before and after a visit to hospital
  • after changing diaper

What substances can be used for cleaning your dirty hands?

  • clean running water
  • sterilising agent like sanitising agents, solid soap
  • hand towel

We all know how to wash our hands but what is the correct procedure to do it?

  • wet your hands with clean, running water – turn off the tap
  • apply soap – make lather
  • rub your hands together
  • make sure you lather both the sides of your hands, between your fingers and under your
  • nails, scrubbing should be done at least for 15-20seconds
  • Open the tap and wash your hand thoroughly making sure not to leave lather.
  • After which make sure all the extra water on your hands are drained in the wash basin itself. Those droplets are very good at spreading infection, so do get rid of the extra water.
  • After which make sure you, dry your hand using a towel.

Overall it can be summed up that for good healthy life one should follow certain rules of hygiene of which the first one that comes to our mind is hand wash. This plays an important role. However, when you are unwell and need a medication intervention do reach out to us.

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Author: Dr.Jyothsna

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