Water the most important component, therefore as you read make sure you have at-least 200ml of water, because consuming water is very important activity in our daily routine.
Water is as important as oxygen we breathe. Water is single largest component of human body comprising about 50-70% of total body weight. Though water provides zero calorie, it gives a refreshing effect when consumed.
Though economically available, we tend to avoid consuming water, because of our daily routine, lifestyle or excess caffeine intake instead. Ideally a normal individual should consume at-least 3-4litres of water per day.

Importance of water
• Water regulates body temperature.
• Moistens tissues such as those in the mouth, eyes and nose.
• Water lubricates joints.
• Water lessens burden on your kidneys and livers by flushing out waste products.
• Water carries nutrients and oxygen to cells.
• Water helps dissolve minerals and other nutrients to make them accessible to the body.
• Helps prevent constipation.
• Protects body organs and tissues.

Along with the above mentioned uses, water also has a large number of other uses.

• For plantation and agriculture.
• To cook.
• House hold cleaning purpose.
• To take shower.
• To flush the toilet.
• To quench our thirst.
• Eye gets nourished.

Factor influencing water content in the body
• Food intake, sweat, urine and feces.
• Metabolic production of small amount of water.
• Respiratory loss of water during breathing.
• Exercise where metabolism is increased.

But what happens when adequate water is not consumed?
• In general, adults can survive up-to 10 days with- out water, while children can live up-to 5days only.
• Loss of only 20% of total body water may cause death, while 10% loss causes severe disorders.
• If fluid loss is not compensated, then the body attempts to compensate by retaining more water and excreting more concentrated urine.

This is called dehydration.
• Severe dehydration causes stroke.
• Dryness in the skin.
• Bone degeneration.
• Strained eyes.
• Graying of hair, hair fall, dry scalp-unhealthy scalp.
• Renal stones.
• Mal-absorption of nutrients.
• fatigue.
• constipation.

Let’s try a activity so that we do not forget to drink water.
• Step-1 consume 200-300ml of water when you wake up in the morning- before starting your day.
• Step-2 consume at-least 1000ml water during your physical activity.
• Step-3 consume 200-300ml water before leaving for work.
• Step-4 fill a litre bottle before starting your work, make sure you finish it before your lunch time.
• Step-5 re-fill the same bottle post lunch, make sure you consume it before signing off in the evening.
• Step-6 consume 200ml water when you reach back home from work.
• Step-7 consume 200ml water before going to bed.

Try the 7 steps activity to consume water, this sure will make a change in your body to perform daily routine , However, sometimes there is a need for medication intervention based on the severity of the condition and associated health concerns which are the reason for disease or disorder.
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Modern medicine can facilitate in immediate control of the symptom and traditional medicine can aid in treating the concern from its root in the long run.
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Author: Dr. Jyothsna

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