For some of us, Indians, it is almost instinctive that coconut is good for us. It is very much part of our lives. But for those of us not familiar with it or have migrated far… let us revisit this wonderful fruit and all it has for us. Its benefit is mainly due to the unusual combination of short and medium fatty acids. Its popularity is now reaching new heights as its health benefits are recognized and advertised. Coconut oil pills are now available in those not-so-tropic areas as well. Coconut water is now packaged and shipped far and wide.


Coconut oil is known to be very good for brain function. When used in cooking as an oil for stir fry, etc, its structure allows it to be broken down into ketone bodies which are very good for brain development and especially good for patients with Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, etc.
Coconut is also said to improve memory.
It provides impressive amounts of fiber on consumption.
Increases energy expenditure and actually helps lose weight.
Coconut oil contains Lauric acid which kills virus, fungi and bacteria. Improves the body’s resistance to infection.
Coconut water is an amazing low calorie electrolyte balancing aid; be it after a workout or recovering from an illness.
Coconut consumption helps stabilize insulin and sugar levels in the body.
Coconut oil serves as a wonderful natural moisturizer and protectant for skin, hair and wounds.
Oil pulling with coconut oil is well known, not only for dental health, but also for overall elimination of infection from the body.
Cooking with it has been proven to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.
Even known to help stabilize thyroid function based on its unique fatty formula.
In addition it staves off hunger and is very useful for quick boost of energy.

So, cheers to a glass of coconut water!! Drink up! Eat up! Soak up!

Numerous online content and websites were consulted for the writing of this article. This article is an attempt at consolidate the information. The best source of information is your doctor and this article is not intended to replace medical advice.

Written and amalgamated by

Dr Archana Naidu-Komandur,


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