We spend 1/3rd of our time at work and another 1/6th travelling for it. Our work has a huge impact on life! So if we are Fit at Work then we are Fit in Life.

All of us today are always Busy!! Busy with work, busy traveling to work, busy meeting deadlines – so much so that our personal well-being takes a back seat and the professional seat we sit on affects our health. Here are a few health issues which as an employee you definitely are facing or will face over time and small tips that will help you take your path to better health.

The most common ailments as a part of Corporate LIFE style/ Employee Health and Wellbeing chart in our experience:

  •  Dehydration due to inadequate water intake
  • Strained eyes
  •  Headaches
  •  Concerns with Blood pressure
  •  Metabolic disorders
  •  Vitamin-D deficiency
  •  Joint pain
  •  Hair fall
  •  Obesity
  •  Stress

Dehydration due to inadequate water intake

I am sure majority of us drink more caffeine that water!

But why drinking, water is so important? What happens if you don’t consume enough?

This zero calories beverage, contributes to various activities in body. Water regulates body temperature, protects body organs and tissues, helps prevent constipation, helps dissolve minerals and makes them accessible to the body, moistens tissues in mouth, eye and nose. Along with it water also lubricates joints, lessen burden on kidneys and liver by flushing out the waste products, carries nutrients and oxygen to cell and the list go on.

And when the consumption of water is inadequate, our body attempts to compensate by retaining more water and excreting more concentrated urine – a state called as dehydration.

  •  Severe dehydration causes stroke.
  • Dryness in the skin.
  •  Bone degeneration.
  •  Strained eyes.
  •  Greying of hair, hair fall, dry scalp-unhealthy scalp.
  •  Renal stones.
  •  Mal-absorption of nutrients.
  •  Fatigue.
  •  Constipation.

Simple Remedy for Dehydration:

Let’s try an activity so that we do not forget to drink water.

Step-1 consume 200-300ml of water when you wake up in the morning- before starting your day.

Step-2 consume at-least 1000ml water during your physical activity.

Step-3 consume 200-300ml water before leaving for work.

Step-4 fill a litre bottle before starting your work, make sure you finish it before your lunch time.

Step-5 re-fill the same bottle post lunch, make sure you consume it before signing off in the evening.

Step-6 consume 200ml water when you reach back home from work.

Step-7 consume 200ml water before going to bed.

You can read more about benefits of water and its significance at:

Are you drinking enough water?

Strained Eyes

All of you work on laptops for a long period, it is obvious that your eyes are getting strained. But you cannot stop working on it right? So what do we do?

Simple Remedy for your strained eyes:

  • For every 20-30min work on laptop-brink your eyes 20 times
  • Keep a green plant on your desk. For every 60-70min on your laptop spare 1min and just observe those green leave.
  • Before your lunch and after winding up for the day-wash your eyes with normal water

You can read more about strained eye and remedy at :


We all suffer from this at some point or the other!

So what are the causes for your headache?

Don’t neglect! It can be a reminder for your eye test, less sleep, less blood supply to brain, hypertension or sinusitis amongst others

Simple Remedy for Headaches:

  • Visit your ophthalmologist at-least annually.
  • Sound sleep for at-least 6-7 hours, if you get more time-then you are lucky!!
  •  If the head ache is severe, just lie down; at zero gravity, brain gets good blood supply.
  •  Keep a check on your blood pressure.
  •  Avoid exposure to direct AC

Concerns with Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is blood’s pressure on the walls of the blood vessels. All of us need pressure in the blood but pressure should not be more or less, which will cause hypertension and hypotension respectively. Both of them are concern to one’s health.

Hypertension damages the blood vessels and indirectly damages the organ; whereas in case of hypotension there is inadequate pressure in the blood because of which the blood does not reach the target organs to nourish them.

Causes of hypertension: high intake of sodium diet, smoking, overweight, lack of physical activity, alcohol and family history with hypertension.

Causes for hypotension: unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, inadequate water intake and iron deficiency amongst others.

Simple Remedy for your Hypertension and Hypotension

  •  Plenty of water intake
  • Quit smoking and Alcohol
  •  Control on diet
  •  Start physical activity
  •  Meditation
  •  Eat healthy
  •  Get your minerals checked.

Metabolic Disorder

  •  Indigestion: because you do not get time to move around much
  •  Gastritis: because of indigestion
  •  Ulcers: spicy diet, excessive intake of caffeine or tea, inadequate sleep, inadequate water intake

Simple Remedy for Metabolic Disorders

  •  Make sure you go around your building after your lunch
  • Avoid spicy diet
  •  Ensure adequate water intake
  •  Reduce intake of coffee and tea
  •  Sleep is very important
  •  If ulcers are very regular, get you vitamins checked
  •  To improve your digestive power, consume ajwain water on regular basis

Vitamin-D Deficiency

Our sophisticated lifestyle & closed doors does not allow us to get sufficient sunlight – which leads to vitamin-D deficiency.

Vitamin-D is that mineral which can’t be supplemented by only medications, you need sunlight for it to get activated.

Look out for signs: fatigue, falling ill often, muscle cramps, bone issues, hair fall, slow wound healing and an elderly appearance.

Simple remedy for your Vitamin-D deficiency

  • First check your vitamins to know the exact level. If low then start supplements or just change in diet is sufficient.
  • Getting exposed to sunlight is the most important activity.

Joints Pain

  • Your posture and sedentary lifestyle is causing the pains. Joints and muscles get blood supply only when there is movement. Absence in blood supply creates hunger in the joints-creating pain.
  • Lack of lubrication is another reason

Simple Remedy for your Joint Pain

  • Do not sit for long or stand for long. Move around, only then will the blood circulate and supply the target organs
  • Go for a nice Spa and pamper yourself

Hair fall

Hair fall is something all of us suffer. But what causes hair fall?

Stress, unhealthy scalp, calcium or vitamin deficiency, hard water, pollution, your helmet and the list goes on!!!

Simple Remedy to your Hair Fall

  • Meditation
  • 15-20min exposure to sunlight
  • Get your calcium and vitamins checked
  • Avoid hard water
  • You can never avoid your helmet so cover your head with pure cotton cloth before wearing helmet!

For more tips read https://www.syncremedies.com/blogs/page/14/


Obesity is the most commonly observed condition in it society. This is due to sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activities, unhealthy food habits, untimely food habits, lack of adequate sleep and stress.
Simple Remedy to keep yourself fit

  • Make sure you spare 60min time in a day -25min of brisk walking, 20min-yoga (power yoga/ classical yoga/slow yoga/combination) 15min-meditation along with exposure to sunlight.
  • Avoid junk food.
  • Schedule your food consumption time.
  • Adequate sleep- most importantly timely sleep.

To read more about obesity click on the link: https://www.syncremedies.com/blogs/page/7/


Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense. This mental force causes physical strain on body as well.

What causes stress?

Personal life-Economically being unable to meet the needs of family members, unhealthy relationship with partner, being unable to fulfil expectations of self and loved ones;

Professional life– Being unable to perform at work place, multiple assignment and workload, being unhappy about the work or workplace or work culture, unable to reach targets, status, salary, pressure from seniors amongst others.

What are the symptoms that indicate you are stressed???

Behavioural changes: Moodiness, irritability, anger, inability to concentrate, sleeping more or less than 8hrs, eating more or less, neglecting responsibilities, anxious-suicidal tendency, constant worrying, unhappiness, withdrawing from society-isolating oneself, prey to addictions-smoking, drinking, drugs, depression-poor judgement.

Medical symptoms: rapid heart rate, aches, pains, headaches, changes with weight, low stamina-fatigue, dizziness, nausea, indigestion, diarrhoea or constipation, loss of immunity, loss of libido, reproductive issues

Simple Remedies to deal with stress: your health should be your priority. Identify the reason for your stress. If its workload look into time management, if it is work then discuss with your colleagues and manager. If it’s personal life do discuss with your friends and family members.
Consider speaking to a counsellor – it’s not a taboo.
Practice deep breathing, stay hydrated, have a positive mind set and learn to say “no” where it is needed.

Overall to sum up, “Health is invaluable wealth which cannot be snatched away from you!”

However, when you are unwell and need a medication intervention do reach out to us.

At Syncremedies, meet with 3 doctors from Allopathy, Ayurveda & Homoepathy TOGETHER to offer the most effective solution to your concern. Modern medicine can facilitate in immediate control of the symptom and traditional medicine can aid in treating the concern from its root in the long run.

Each consult lasts a duration of 40 minutes with a treatment plan that encapsulates Diet, Exercise, Therapy and medication essential to control and treat the health concern.

You can meet the doctors online through a video consult at the convenience of your home or visit a clinic near you.
Author: Dr.Jyothsna